Apparently, I’m socially awkward.

I only found out a few weeks ago. My kids and I were having dinner at a beach side restaurant with some friends when my friend looked at my oldest son and said, “You’re really funny, but you get your awkwardness from your mom, don’t you?”

Wait. Excuse me?


She obviously had me confused with someone else.

I’m not awkward. At least, I didn’t think I was. No one had ever told me before, not to my face anyway. Granted, she had been drinking a little, but still. Awkward? Really?

To be fair, I’ve always known I wasn’t one of the cool kids. I was nerdy before that became hip. Unfortunately, I was never a nerd in the ‘I can make lots of money developing software’ kind of way. I was always a bit nerdy in the ‘I know lots of random facts about history and old movies’ way which is not financially rewarding.

You’d probably want me to be on your trivial pursuit team. I tend to know a few facts about a lot of seemingly unrelated things so I can generally hold a conversation regardless of the situation, not that anyone would ever confuse this information with information you could actively use. For example, the square root of 196 is 14. (Thank you Miss Bell!) And the Tudor line died out in 1603 when James VI of Scotland became James I of England.

Who wouldn’t want to have those facts rattling around in their head?

Forget being anything as interesting as an astrophysicist. Or a doctor. Forget being a skilled craftsperson who can build pieces of wooden furniture. Or something practical like a plumber or a mechanic. Nope. I know that Erwin Rommel’s wife, Lucie, was born on June 6th.

Because why wouldn’t I know that?

I have an eclectic assortment of interests which generally have little to no relevance in everyday life. I’m the person who would be happy visiting a museum in a new city as opposed to going to a crowded beach. I enjoy learning about new things. I have a never-ending bucket list that grows with each new random idea that pops into my head. Consequently, I often get very strange looks from friends because of the unusual things that I learn about. I thought I was boring them with these various random facts, but maybe not. Maybe I’m just awkward.  

Don’t get me wrong. My train of thought makes perfect sense for someone who is a writer. In my mind, all these strange and interesting tidbits fit together in a colorful mosaic and for some reason this makes sense to me.

Over the years, I’ve made several attempts to start a blog. Some attempts have been more successful than others but ultimately they have all ended with me running out of ideas. Now, I find myself wanting to reestablish my author platform which, in theory, should include a regular blog.

This quest brings my story full circle. In looking through possible ideas for blog posts and what might be effective blogging techniques, I’m reminded that we should write what we know. And then I remembered my friend’s comment. I also remember the way my friends look at me and shake their heads.

So, I’ve decided to create a blog series titled From the Junk Drawer. I’m choosing this title because sometimes my mind is a bit like that messy drawer we all have in our kitchens. You know the one: the one where random items migrate never to be seen again. The one where three birthday candles, a brown leather shoestring, six screws of various sizes, and a half used matchbook from a Tiki bar at the beach reside in a strange harmony. My mind is a bit like that; a junk drawer of random facts and tidbits

I’m not sure how this will advance my author platform, but at least it will serve to save my friends from endless tidbits for trivia.

I intend to do my best to make this a weekly post, but I will go ahead and admit that sometimes I can be a bum so pray forgive me should I not meet that goal.

For the four or five people out in the internet world who might actually be interested in my ramblings, welcome to my awkwardness. I thank you in advance.  To everyone else, thank you so much for stopping by, and yes, I really do think about these things.

All the Best!

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