Down With the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels!

I don’t often write posts about blatant criminal activity. Usually, I try to be upbeat and positive in most situations. But it has come to my attention that a new brand of bandit is sweeping the nation and I felt all of you should be made aware. These fiends are causing uproars within their cities. Challenges the very foundations of positive civil establishments.

What new criminal element is this? Is there a new drug sweeping the nation? Vandals, violent gangs, bank robbers? Surely this may be the work of international terrorists.

No. These rebel rousers are far worse than any of that. These people are actually encouraging their neighbors to read!

{Giant gasp!}

Can you imagine the audacity of some people?!?!

And how are these perpetrators organizing such a movement? By constructing ‘Little Lending Libraries’ on their property.library-1220101_1280

You read that correctly. These master minds of the underground are constructing tiny lending libraries and putting on their on property. Then they are filling them with their own books and allowing neighbors to borrow those books any time someone wants a good read. They use subversive slogans like, ‘Need a book, Take a book. Have a book, Give a book.” And they’re doing so without permits from their cities and municipalities.

They’re circumventing the bureaucracy!

Now, granted most cities have policies about buildings and structures. There are rules and regulations. No one wants a building randomly coming down on top of people. Those are good policies to have in place. I personally don’t want a building to fall on me.

But lending libraries are by their very definition little. These structures are about the size of a dollhouse. They’re usually elevated on posts or stands. As of the date of this posting, I personally know of NO physical injuries sustained in conjunction with a little lending library.

Cities such as Los Angeles and Shreveport have begun investigating people who build lending libraries. Citizens have been told they will be required to buy permits, in some cases for several hundred dollars, in order to continue to have the structures. And in Leawood, Kansas a nine year old boy was told to remove his library because it was an illegally detached structure. The city had apparently received a complaint from a neighbor.

Now, I’m not going to suggest that this neighbor probably doesn’t need to be in close proximity to other people. Far be it for me to judge the sanity of a whackadoodle that would find fault in a nine year old giving books away.

But I will call foul on these cities and their so called ‘crack down’ on little lending libraries. Since the movement started several years ago, thousands of these structures have helped bring communities together in a way that is often unheard of in today’s social media based world. Neighbors are actually encouraging their neighbors to get out and meet each other. They’re sharing what they have with one another. They’re talking and socializing. And what’s more, they’re reading.

I’ve been interested in this movement for many years. I’ve always thought it was a brilliant idea. And something I definitely wanted to try. However, I’ve procrastinated. Other things always seem to come up. Now I think it might be time to act. It might be time to become a rebel myself. I think I need to be a bit of further research and figure out how to build one of these. If for no other reason than to stand up to the overwhelming idiocy that seems to stagnate so many areas.

And I encourage you to do the same. How wonderful would it be to see a return of intelligence? So if you have a book then give a book. Let’s encourage reading, thinking, and most of all, some good old common sense.

Happy Reading all you rebels! Go share those books!

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