RIP Maeve

Today marks four years since the world lost Maeve Binchy. She was one of my favorite writers. I loved picking up one of her novels and delving into the lives of her characters. She could flesh out the minute details of everyday life in a way that was fascinating and totally related to everything I was going through.

In many ways, she provided the greatest inspiration to my writing. She didn’t write characters, she wrote real people. You could see them, hear them, and feel the joy or pain they were going through. It’s a quality I try to emulate. I want my readers to see my characters in as much detail as we can see hers.

With each book, I was transported to the Emerald Isle. I’ve been to the small town Catholic masses and attended the University College of Dublin. I’ve laughed a lot and cried a little along the way. All these adventures without the expense of a plane ticket, lodging, and food. You see, a good writer has the ability to transport the reader into new worlds.

And Maeve was a immensely gifted writer.

I miss not having the opportunity to read about the new adventures of her characters. I miss walking into a book store and picking up her latest novel. I miss the friends I found on the pages of her books.

If you’ve never taken the opportunity to explore her Dublin, I would highly recommend the journey. Personally, I’d start with some of her early works like Light a Penny Candle or The Glass Lake, both personal favorites of mine. From there, you may want to venture to a more modern day Dublin with Quentins, Evening Class, and Tara Road. And don’t miss out on the coming of age classic, Circle of Friends.

RIP Maeve. You’re still missed by legions of devoted readers.


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